Taking a payment break

If you have a Toyota AccessFlex agreement you can request to defer up to 3 of your monthly payments during your agreement. This can be requested a month at a time over your agreement term or over 3 consecutive months and will extend your agreement by the number of months you defer.

You can use the vehicle during any monthly break and during the additional deferred monthly period commencing from the end of your agreement.

Please only request a payment break if:

  • You are not currently in financial difficulty*
  • You have made the first 3 monthly payments due under your agreement
  • You are not in the last month of your agreement
  • Your agreement is not currently in arrears
  • There are more than 5 working days prior to your next Direct Debit payment
  • You haven’t already used all 3 months of your payment break allowance

When you take a payment break, your agreement will end later. We recommend that you check the effect this may have on your MOT, warranty and breakdown cover.

If you wish to request a payment break on more than one Toyota AccessFlex finance agreement, please complete this form separately for each.

*If you are in financial difficulty, please call our friendly Customer Outcomes Team on 0370 243 0804 so that we can understand your situation and find the best possible outcome for you.